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Want more exposure for your St Albans Business?



What if we featured your business under “Find A SAB” on our website where lots of people are looking to work with other SABs!

What if you could share your expertise with thousands of people – showing that you know what you are talking about!

What if you could tell us why you started your business, your journey, what drives you (and we really do want to know!)

What if there was a place where you could share your business news – such as awards you’ve won, what you’ve achieved, what you are looking for!


A place where people can get to know, like and trust you – it’s a P2P world (people to people!).

And a place where you could have a “Shop Window” to potential customers in St Albans who all want to Shop Local!

And that’s even without a place to feature offers – where you can have flash-sales, discounts for SABs, or showcase your stock or services!

PLUS, a place to get business support, to chat with other business owners, to be able to ask questions, get advice, meet up, get social, and perhaps even get involved in Naked Christmas Cards for charity?!! 😉

Well you can! And all for just £105 per year, or £10 per month! (and a fiver from your membership goes to Home Start).

Please ignore the “field” box – we haven’t figured out how to get rid of that yet – he he x Just hit the subscribe button on the relevant membership (monthly or yearly)


SAB Membership £10/month


SAB Membership £105/year


Please note that this is a PayPal subscription button – PayPal will take payment monthly or yearly (depending on the membership option you choose) – SAB require a min of 12 months if you are paying monthly – you are then free to cancel your membership at any time, however, please note that if you cancel your subscription and want to renew your membership, you will be charged the rate that’s on the SAB website at that time – if you remain a SAB member, your membership does not rise 🙂 – any queries, give us a shout at


You don’t have to run your business alone!

AND, you don’t have to do everything yourself!

Running a business can be tough

It can be a lonely place

We are not all good at everything

But we are amazing at some things!


The St Albans Businesses Community enables businesses to:

– work together
– support each other
– help each other
– recommend each other
– become a sales force for each other
– learn from each other
– share tips and ideas
– chat business
– get together

to ensure business success.

Whether you are a brand new start up, or an established business, being part of a driven, passionate and ambitious business community enables you to grow your business and benefit from all the skills and brains of those in the group.

Be part of an amazing supportive team of like-minded business owners

DON’T FORGET – your business will be featured in chronological order, not alphabetically so you can be ahead in your category – making your business even more visible! PLUS your business will remain at £105 per year/or £10 per month forever whilst you are a member with us!
If you have any queries, give us a shout at – we are a friendly bunch 😉

Check out these top tips on how to get exposure for your St Albans Business:

Top Tips On Getting More Exposure For Your Business With SAB

But don’t just take our word for it:


“I’m a fairly new business owner and member of the group so am still learning but the things I like first and foremost is that it’s FUN and I also really like the fact that it supports Home Start.

There’s a definite community spirit feel about the group and I’ve already used the services of a few members as well as meeting some really interesting people.  It’s definitely helping me learn about the benefits of networking and that it should be all about helping one another as well as promoting your own business.  See you soon, Judy x” (Judy Britten Reflexology)


“Being part of SAB’s has really made the difference to my business.  Not ‘a’ difference, the difference.  From my first tentative steps into the Jelly and wondering whether I was worthy to join the Facebook group, I’ve become part of what I missed most when becoming self-employed – a community.
Being part of a community is what I thrive on – I’d go as far as saying it’s one of my core values.  Communities work together, they share knowledge and skills and they look out for those around them.  The SAB community does just that – get involved and you’ll find yourself amongst people who will support you, provide a sounding board, help you out and share your successes.  You might also find yourself giggling in a corner (very professionally, obviously), discussing projects you’d never thought would come your way and quite possibly doing business with like minded people.
After years of illness followed by an accident, I wasn’t sure whether DigitalJen would be successful.  Working on your own can be a lonely business, especially if you’re juggling family life as well.  Being part of the SAB community has changed that – I’m now more confident in what I do, I am scheduling work in the months ahead rather than wondering whether there will be any work and I have a sense of purpose.  Clients have become proper friends and I am just as pleased (if not more so) when their businesses thrive.   My business is growing, my confidence is growing and the root of that growth has been joining the SABcommunity.” Jenny Soppett-Smith – Digital Jen
“SAB is a great place to really push your business muscles and gain some amazing knowledge. It’s great to meet so many talented people, share ideas and co-collaborate. It’s not to be missed!” Liz Carey – Total Care Personal Training
“Hiya, well this group is my favourite out of all networking groups. It suits me – meeting lovely people in an informal way, where you exchange advice, ideas and encouragement. We’ve bartered each others services and mutually benefited as we all understand the limited resources of startups and being a sole trader. It really is a community where we share tea, cake and even dinners. I think I’ve made a few genuine deep friendships now. Leaving the public sector left me feeling very lonely in the early days but SABs sorted that out. Cannot recommend SABs highly enough.” Danielle Durant – The Cobbled Kitchen
“I have been focusing on finalising my own biz offering and haven’t participated much so far – apologies. However, I like the willingness for many to help each other and not always for self gain. For me that is the best way for anyone looking to promote themselves. Well, that and free cookies!”  Jonathan Smith
“SAB is all about the community spirit, great support, advice and a lot of fun to boot. Both on and offline, a diverse entrepreneurial group of talented people who inspire me and help me to get my mojo back on a bad day!” Jo Bayne – Sweet Charity
“I just feel like I can ask any question on here about running my business and a whole community of knowledgeable and supportive people will reply. And I get to be in a music video” – Hanna Cesek
 I have got SO much out of the #SAB group – a fab new accountant (Ele Stevens), an inspirational web site developer (Jenny Soppet Smith) and a truly innovative graphic designer (Aarti Parmar), not to mention the hoards of good advice, friendly faces and large amount of chips I’ve eaten at the Jelly – it’s been great. I’ve enjoyed promoting Mindful Pathway and have had some new Mindfulness course participants through the group too. I’m very much excited about what’s to come as it’s such a thriving community, thanks SAB – Ruth Farenga – Mindful Pathway

SAB Membership £10/month


SAB Membership £105/year

Please note that this is a PayPal subscription button – PayPal will take payment monthly or yearly (depending on the membership option you choose)