12 Weeks To Make A Difference In Your Business

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Remember “How To Get Ahead In Business”? Well, St Albans Businesses and My Mustard are teaming up again to bring you:

12 weeks to make a difference in YOUR business!


There are 12 weeks from the date of this event up to Christmas (yes, we’ve said the “c” word!) – but do you know what? Business Owners can make a massive difference to their business in those twelve weeks!

We want them to be unwrapping their goal on Christmas day! Or know that they are well on their way to achieving what they set out to do.

Join us on Thursday 28th September at the Mercure Noke Hotel St Albans, 9.30am – 2.30pm (10am – 1pm), book a stand to exhibit your business and get on this 12 week journey with us.

Get your business on the FREE 12 week planner, prepare your businesses FREE 12 week “check list” for every attendee, and attend the FREE talks from the amazing Steve Clarke of Eureka Selling, the fantastico guys from STANTA and look out for our mystery talk (yes, we do know who it is!), all of which will set businesses on a 12 week journey to make them go “woo hoo” on Christmas Day!


You may also be interested in “Where Do You Want To Be In 2018?” event on Thursday 25th January at the Mercure Noke Hotel again at 9.30am – 2.30pm (10am – 1pm for public).

Where we will be taking business owners on a 12 month journey to help them to get to where they want to be.


SAB members: £165 per event

SAB members: £300 for both events

Non SAB members: £225 per event includes 1 year SAB membership

Non SAB members: £400 per event includes 1 year SAB membership

(SAB annual membership is currently £105 so this is discounted to )

Monthly payments also available – email hello@stalbansbusinesses.co.uk


Book your place by emailing hello@stalbansbusinesses.co.uk to let us know which event you want to feature your business at or whether you would like to book for both.


We will then secure your place and send you payment details and a booking confirmation.


Can’t wait – it’s going to be fantastic.



Sue and June

SAB and My Mustard