So what’s this all about then?

BizCom is a quarterly, A5 size, approx 40 page publication, printed on eco friendly paper and delivered solus to 10,000 homes in and around St Albans City Centre.

It is also available digitally which we will, of course, share via our social media platforms and networks.

And we will be asking our SAB members to share with their networks too.

So the reach is massive!



The publication is mainly editorial, so not packed full of ads – and the whole purpose of it is where businesses meet the community – so getting over to people the amazing businesses we have here.


The publication is B2C, B2B and P2P – 10,000 homes in St Albans and digital exposure will hit a mass of people – tons of people work for themselves, or work for businesses that need services such as yours. BizCom is about the businesses meeting the community – people getting to know the businesses in their amazing city, what they do, why they do it and how it can benefit them or people they know! Ensure your content is about the kind of work you want and Bob’s your uncle! Well my uncle is Roger actually!


So basically you book a space and you can have editorial, images, whatever you want (as long as it fits within the ethos of the publication) within it.

These are SAB member rates and also, as a SAB member, you can pay monthly.

Full page: £250 (or £84 per month for 3 months)
Half page: £180 (or £60 per month for 3 months)
Quarter page: £120 (or £40 per month for 3 months)

Non SAB Member rates:

Full page: £280
Half page: £210
Quarter page: £150

There is also a page of “vouchers” – these will be tailored as “gifts” rather than “coupons” and we have 8 slots available per issue

Member rate: £40, Non member rate: £60

The way it will work is that if you book a couple or three publications at once, i.e. you commit to them, then we will reserve your position within the publication, i.e. so the earlier you book, the earlier you will feature in the publication – first come first served. So if you commit to the next couple of issues, we will reserve that position in the publication for you. We would need to take a deposit of £20 per issue to “reserve” your position and this is then taken off the monthly cost.

We will also feature the “SAB Map” in each issue – it’s £10 to be featured and it’s only available to SAB members – once you are on the map, you are on the map, so you will be featured in every issue whilst you are a SAB member – hurrah! Here’s an example of what it could well look like 🙂

If you are a SAB Member and have an event you want featured – it will be included on the events page as a single line with a link to more info on your web/facebook group – cost per entry £10 – these will be limited so grab your place now

Let us know if this all makes sense.

If you’d like to book, email us at and we can check availability for you.

Timings for the next issue (issue 2 covering July/Aug/Sept) are:

We need editorial and any images from you by 4th May at the latest – all images must be hi res and you must have the rights to use them.

Distribution of BizCom completes by end of June 2018 – woo hoo!

Amazingly exciting times ahead!

Sue and The Businesses Community Team St Albans – aka SABs (St Albans Businesses)


Distribution areas:

10,000 homes in St Albans:

Brampton, Jennings area 1450

Fishpool Street area 1300

Waitrose/King Harry area 1300

Chiswell Green area 1300

City Centre area 2050

London Road, Cunningham, Milehouse area – 850

Hill End, Puddingstone area – 650

Oaklands, Highfield, Nicholas, Colney Heath area – 1100


Digital Distribution:

To 3,000+ in the SAB facebook group

To 200+ in SAB Members Only facebook group

Link via Instagram – 532 followers at present

Link via Twitter – 1,452 followers at present

Link via Linked In – 1,294 followers at present

To SAB database, straight into interested parties inbox

Via SAB members social media platforms