Lush Mush

Leila Ally-Pollard
Having quit my city career, I wanted to do something that helped me balance raising my children and my passion for food. I created 'Lush Mush' sauce when my daughter was put on a strict gluten free and dairy free diet for 3 months. It was my saviour when I needed quick and easy, nutritious, healthy and tasty meals for the whole family to enjoy. I still use it now! Lush Mush is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soya free, with no added sugar. It is a source of protein and counts towards your 5 a day recommended intake of fruit and vegetables. It can be used as a base for vegetable and pasta dishes and also curries. It makes a tasty pizza base sauce or bruschetta topping and transforms a stock into a tasty soup. The recipes are endless! Just add seasoning to taste, your favourite herbs or spices to make your choice of meal. It can be enjoyed hot and cold. How will you eat yours?