ASH Marketing and Events

Sarah Hurp
ASH Marketing & Events has over 18 years’ experience running integrated marketing campaigns. 16 of those have been working client side in the B2B IT and Telecoms industry as a marketing manager. For the lions share of that time, I was 'the' marketing department which meant I was responsible for not only all the strategy, planning and budget management but also the day to day running of the marketing campaigns using specialist agencies (PR, creative, web etc) where needed. I see myself more as a logistics person, being the single point of contact for my clients to deliver the entire marketing strategy. I have a very broad knowledge of most aspects of marketing but wouldn't profess to be an expert in any. This means my clients get an overarching view of their requirements and whilst I can manage 99% of the campaigns myself, depending on the level of complexity, either I would run though campaigns or I would bring an expert in to do that particular piece and manage that relationship for the client. In a nutshell, I help small to medium sized businesses start or grow their marketing activity. If companies don't want to recruit someone internally on a permanent basis, they can outsource their marketing function to us. We work closely with our clients to help improve the areas of marketing that they may not be able to do themselves or by taking the whole process off their hands, planning and delivering what marketing is needed efficiently and cost effectively.