Josephine Gray Photography

Jo Gray
A sudden quickening of the heart, butterflies in your tummy, romance, fun, laughter, or that magnetic pull whenever you are apart?  Honesty, and trust - being there for each other through thick and thin, soul-mates, best friends?  What ever Love means for you, these moments and connections I love to capture for you. New clothes, shiny shoes, the tinkling sound of chatter and laughter, sparkles of champagne, tears of pride and joy, rustles of silk, swathes of ribbons and lace and the scent of roses and flowers everywhere. Interesting venues, country hotels, quirky barns, or woodland retreats, your friends and family, nearest and dearest, there for you, sharing with you, your unique wedding day. Whatever and wherever you choose, as your wedding photographer,  these moments I love to capture for you. Photographs to cherish, that can instantly carry you back; to the love and caring of friends and family, the rustle of your clothes, the sparkle of the rings, the fragrance of flowers, the leap in your heart as you start out along this new adventure together.