St Albans Businesses “Team-Up” Monthly Event

Join us at the St Albans Businesses “Team-Up” Event! First Thursday of every month.

At Torrington Hall, Holywell Hill, St Albans at 7-9pm

Coffee/tea/decaf and biccies provided 🙂


Next Team Up is Thursday 3rd May.

Thursday 7th June

Thursday 5th July

Thursday 2nd August

Thursday 6th September

Thursday 4th October

Thursday 1st November

Thursday 6th December

We’ve got the jellies, we’ve got the SAB socials, we’ve got the facebook groups, we’ve got the lives, we’ve got the SAB events, we got da coffee – but do you know what?

We wanted a regular get together where we can find out more about the people behind the business, what they are looking for, what they need help with, what we, as a team, can achieve by collaborating, sharing, helping and supporting each other.

SAB “Team-Up” is just that – teaming up with other businesses in St Albans and helping each other to achieve our goals (hence ‘Up’!) – it’s all thought out you know 😉 !

As with anything SAB, it will be an organic growth, the format will change and adapt according to what SAB Members want, but initially we will have a basic format of a regular commitment to attending each month (hence ensuring consistency and people really getting to know each other), finding out what people do, what they want, how we can all help each other, and how being part of SAB can help their businesses.

We will have different hosts, members can get involved, we will ask for your feedback – but most of all, it will give people the opportunity to get together, motivate each other and leave each month with something to achieve by the following “Team-Up” – we love a bit of accountability!

As a SAB member you get to attend your first ever Team Up event for free, if you are not a member it’s £8 for your first visit. Ongoing, it is £20 per month for SAB Members and for Non SAB members (1 time visit, and if they like it, they will be invited to join the SAB Team and can then attend regularly).

We are a really friendly bunch, so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone, you will do by the time you leave 😉

So, book your FREE place now if you are a SAB member (if you are not yet a SAB member and would like more info on this event, email and don’t miss out on what will be a fantastic event that will make a difference to your business – let’s do this!


If you are a SAB Member and have attended a Team Up event and would like to commit to the team – you will be able to book via the new TBC/SAB website that launches next week. Meanwhile, please do email us to let us know you are coming 🙂 If you ordered a TBC Travel Mug, you can pick yours up at the next Team Up meeting. If you didn’t order one, but would like to, you can do so via the new shop on the new TBC website – woo hoo!