Why SAB?

Back in 2009 one of the team, Sue Wybrow, accidentally started her own business

From what started as a hobby, led to a long-term job resignation and a massive learning curve on how to run a business.

Sue soon learnt that there were many other people out there like her who had taken the leap of faith and “gone for it”.




Networking played a large part in the early days (and still does) which led to the start of the St Albans Businesses “jellies“. Our first one was held at The Hot Office in Redbourn and consisted of business owners bringing their laptops and working together in the boardroom once a month.



The Jellies were a huge success and soon moved to the King Harry Pub for more space as more people attended. They became invaluable to the team enabling relationships to be formed, tips to be shared, support for each other, office “banter”, discovery of apps and software others were using and generally involving lots of businesses working together and helping each other. We also introduced a “guest host” each month, enabling businesses to get involved and get “seen”.


Next came the St Albans Businesses facebook group which was pretty much an extension of the jellies. Offering a place for businesses to post questions, share information that was of benefit to others, feature business events and offer support and help for each other.





This group grew rapidly which then led to the start of the monthly St Albans Businesses emails. The purpose of the email again was to share information written by St Albans Businesses for St Albans Businesses.







We were asked by Oaklands College to take a look at their facilities for businesses and we loved it so much that we decided to throw a St Albans Businesses event there and called it “What Has St Albans Got To Offer Your Business” which was a kick start to the year for business in the area.






Which then organically led to the creation of the St Albans Businesses Website – a place to hold all of this valuable information to enable all businesses in the city to share their stories, expertise, offers, products and services.


After 1 year of this website, there was tons more we wanted to do, so we launched the brand spanking new SAB website on 27th March 2017! Giving our members lots more opportunities to showcase what they do, share their expertise and get involved in a fantastic business community!  Let’s do this!


The aim of this website is:

• To bring St Albans businesses together to support and help each other to run successfully and profitably – whether a one man band or a large corporate – it’s all about the people

• to enable end users to find St Albans businesses and to find out more about the people behind them

• to offer a place for businesses to share their expertise

• to offer a place for businesses to post and view jobs in the city

• to invite all St Albans Businesses to tell us about their business

• to create a place where all business events are easy to find

• to be able to chat with other St Albans businesses

• to enable St Albans Business to feature offers, news and have a shop window.